IT Assessments and Due Diligence (M&A) Protect Your Current and Future Investments with a 3rd Party IT Review

Our IT Assessment is a non-invasive evaluation of your network and server infrastructure. We use a combination of network analysis tools, manual discovery, and employee interviews to paint a full picture of the current state of your company's IT environment. This extensive report highlights the problem areas that are holding your network back from performing to its full potential, and offers recommendations based on your business technology goals. 

We examine all facets of IT, including perimeter security, PC management, server and network stability, data backup, and disaster recovery/business continuity. A network diagram and server inventory list are included in our extensive report. 

Additionally, you will also receive a vulnerability risk report. The report identifies known exploits and vulnerabilities that are exposed within your network. Your risk score will give you an idea of where your security level is at and we will work with you to design and implement a plan to minimize your risk. 

Mergers and acquisitions are often turned to as means of expanding revenue streams, investing in new markets, or bolstering current products or brands. But oversights in evaluating potential security issues and IT infrastructure can prevent organizations from fully understanding the risks accompanying a potential acquisition, making it difficult to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and leading to unexpected costs during the merger and integration process. 

Our IT Due Diligence services evaluates the IT organizational structure of a proposed merger, acquisition or divesture as well as the support functions and IT service delivery offerings already in place. This comprehensive assessment of IT functionality and infrastructure helps prioritize efforts in addressing IT concerns during the due diligence process and provides information that may influence valuations as businesses try to agree to the terms of a deal. 

7 Layer IT Due Diligence services can help buyers fully understand the cost and impact of IT on a given transaction. We can help buyers look for opportunities to improve business performance and reduce costs through better utilization of IT. We can help avoid business disruption and reduce risks for buyers by closely managing the IT-related aspects of each transaction. Our technology recommendations are often phased in 6-month, 12-month, 18-month increments to address critical issues and future planning. 

With technology being engrained into all business operations and the growing risk of cyber-attacks, the need for IT Due Diligence services is more important than ever to protect the value of your investment.

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